Here’s to passions & motivations.

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The universe in my world has one direction; forward.

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Mental strength directly transcends into physical strength. I now can say this after periods of not climbing- working only on mental health. Once I tried my projects; they were easier. Once I went for a run that would usually be hard for me; I could push myself so much further. Interesting to fathom. Don’t we already know this?

Last week, I went surfing with Elan, (one of Canada’s strongest climbers, So inspiring!!!) We both were humbled. But, our mentality still stems from this…Positive thinking will attract the same. As the waves were consistently hitting me in the core- I tried to figure out and learn what I am doing wrong…where are my faults?…”the wave we want to catch is only 20 feet ahead! How do we get there?”

Strength doesn’t come from seeing your faults as limitation, but motivation to improve or redirect your path.DSC00227

Behind the Scenes; British Virgin Gorda Climbing

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Check out some sweet, sweaty photos… “behind the scenes, Virgin Gorda style & join the new “facebook” page 😉 -

Props to Rich Crowder’s photography! (


Arriving on "Jerusalem"

Barefoot Boulder

Scoping out lines

I’ll be back. Just wait.

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That’s it. One hour of core and yoga before I sleep.
Life is way too short & beautiful to sit and wait being injured mentally or physically for something amazing to happen…when it’s right in front of you!!!

The off season is coming, what a perfect time to get strong.



Hike to shannon falls


Area 44

Canadian Youth Team Nationals

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I am very excited for the following years and to see what is happening with the next generations for climbing. The youth are crazy strong and so positive. Everything we need to keep going!  Image

Just a pretty sweet video; Granite Earth :)

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Louder than 11 (John Glassberg and Rich Crowder) have made this smart/funny little video.

Centerfold! Virgin Gorda- Sexiest bouldering on the planet.

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