Tour De Bloc; The Canadian Bouldering Competition Series

Regionals was a few weeks ago… I’m super happy I was able to compete! This was the most fun I’ve had at a comp in a while. I don’t need to say much other then it involved a giant swing in finals and a blow up sharks with lazer beams… followed by tractor races at the after party. Wow.

Big  Thanks to Beyond the Crux, Kelowna and Cliffside Climbing Gym, Kamloops, BC.

Here are the final results;

Women’s Open
1. Tiffany Melius
2. Amanda Berezowski
3. Audrey Sniezek
4. Clarrie Lam
5. Elise Sethna
6. Sarah Austin
7. Maria Celkova
8. Regan Kennedy

Men’s Open
1. Sean McColl
2. Terry Paholek
3. Ryan Olson
4. Miles Adamson
5. Josh Muller
6. Jamie Chong
7. Pat Valade
8. Nate Woods

Up next is  Nationals in Toronto, May 22-23!  Now just to find a way there!!! SO excited!


~ by Amanda B. on April 25, 2010.

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