SUPER Psyched!

Last weekend I officially had my best climbing day. I made it to Squamish with one of my youth team members, Elan Jonas Mcrae. Now this is where it starts…he is so inspiring!  A 15 year old who has only been climbing outside for a little over a year, sends Sesame Street (V9), Worm World Cave (v9) and The Egg (V11) all in one day!!! Check out his 8a!

…Just to talk a little more about him; Elan won the North American Continentals, he’s climbing at the top of his age category for Youth comps and will be attending Youth Worlds in Scotland this summer.  This kid is at the climbing gym everyday climbing and setting routes for himself! He has SO much potential and an unbelievable amount of motivation.

Enough of him, now back to me…I’m on a horse…(hehehehe  just kidding, if you’ve seen the commercial you will get it)

I equally had a good sending day. 2 v9’s in one day! Sesame Street and Worm World Cave…! A lot of good energy going around that day.

Next up; I am competing in the  Bouldering World Cup in about a week! I am flying to Boulder, CO June 1st and can’t wait to meet up with people and climb some rock out there!

I feel a climbing REVOLUTION coming on!


~ by Amanda B. on May 24, 2010.

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