La vie est belle!

An amazing weekend in Squamish…Passing energy back and forth & releasing it on the rock- The sun is glistening on the water; it fills my heart with happiness! ♥

Do you ever notice that when your truly happy so many good things happen? I love Squamish. I’ll be back again next weekend. I wish I could stay there. Now I’m back at work getting heatstroke and getting burnt outside at the plant nursery 🙂 Good times in the sun…it makes you stronger.

A week ago was the Squamish Mountain Festival…SO many people…so much fun with friends, literally climbing until my fingers bleed and a crazy cowboy themed party Saturday night! The past weekend I went up with Elan, and a friend, Jan from Vancouver…again…super inspiring and motivating!

Next weekend is the Slacklining Festival. Super psyched for fun hippie times!   Hopefully I’ll climb some sweet boulders too…

Each time I go there I get to spend time with so many friends from around the country. It really feels like a home to me.


~ by Amanda B. on July 28, 2010.

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