Rainbow Warriors

Every time I go to Squamish my heart feels like its going to explode. Burst out of my chest into a million colours.

It’s hard to be still. I want to jump and dance, sing and climb. Ah! I LOVE IT! I have been lucky to have a constant flow of friends visiting and staying a while in Squamish. Its become a community like feeling. I finish work on Friday and head to Squamish first thing Saturday. I forget about work and focus on all the beautiful things in life. I never want to leave. I’ll be sad once it gets empty again…once the sun goes behind the clouds.

Squamish Hevyfest. ( slacklining festival) was 3 weeks ago. Lots of slacklining and hulahooping!

Last Monday I was working at the plant nursery, Green Thumb. It was 34 degrees celcius. So hot and dirty! I felt like i was melting…soon after this feeling my boss said we had to leave early that day. With the knowledge that the night before a group of people from Squamish had taken the ferry on to the island to visit Tofino, the Canadian surfing destination; I made a quick, random decision to hitchhike to Tofino and find them. I got home and opened the newspaper, decided to read my horoscope, which to me was the best one ever!  I called a friend (Aryane), also visiting the island, and suggested this plan to her. A couple hours later we are half way to there! 5 rides with interesting people we arrive at our foggy destination.

Not knowing where to stay, not knowing where our friends are, we decide to have a picnic on the side of the road and see if we can find them. Seemed logical, though it was unsuccessful.

The next day we head straight to the Surf shop to rent surfboards, leaving a message just in case our friends stopped by.We caught a ride to Cox bay and got our wetsuits on. We were  just about to go play in the freezing water and our friends show up. 🙂 Things were meant to be! I wish for everyone to be spontaneous and go on random adventures…This is living!

By the way; if you are ever in Tofino and there are no waves… head to the climbing gym the Alternative.


~ by Amanda B. on August 25, 2010.

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