one ZEN

A friend of mine has been giving attempts on Singularity a V14 in Squamish, for a few years now. He just did his first V9 this summer. I love this!  This is a perfect example of how I like to think.

I have been trying a number of difficult boulder problems throughout the summer. Not expecting to get them easily or even this year, but to learn my capabilities and teach myself new movement. It’s very motivating especially when you get further on something that felt impossible.

I like to keep my approach to climbing VERY positive. Anything is possible! You just have to train your mind and the body will follow!

Most people would tell me “your not strong enough” …”this one is very reachy”…or the worst is “this one is more of a guys problem”… Haha! This is okay with me.  It’s a waste of time to think negatively if your strength relies largely of what is in your head! It just makes me want to try harder. I will do it eventually.

here is my “harder” list in Squamish (lines I think are nice & each I have given a few tries);

  • One Zen V10
  • Encore une Fois V11
  • Backseat V10
  • Blackhole V11
  • No Troublems V10
  • Rookie Low V10

At the moment I am waiting for a non-rainy weekend to return to the forest. I feel quite a few sends coming on! Mostly, I am excited for Resurrection a V9 highball! VERY pretty.


~ by Amanda B. on September 14, 2010.

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