Hot YOGA Everyday and learning to meditate

The month of November…it’s getting cold and the sun is hiding most of the time. Shy of creating shadows through the trees or pouring light onto the glistening ocean. Usually the most signifigant changes seem come at the end of summer…but this year seems to be now. I spent the past 8 months working at a plant nursery; which has just come to an end due to layoffs. Hmm..I need to get another job..and decide how soon I can move back out east. (Montreal or surrounding areas) ASAP!

The competition circuit, Tour DE Bloc has just began. Starting off in a new location, Altitude Gym, Hull Qc. It seems like most of the competitions have migrated out east…I am super excited to follow!

At the present time I am taking part in a 30 day detox, Hot Yoga everyday…for a month. So far I have done 7 days…and its feels amazing. Each class we choose one intention to direct our energy towards. This is helping a lot with staying focused on simple things…rather then letting my attention be pulled in too many directions, making it hard to move forward in life. I feel much healthier, more energy, balance,  flexibility…which in return is helping climbing…

One more thing that I am sure has just became a big part in my life; Last sunday I went to a Buddhist Temple…where they teach meditation, Buddhist idealisms and enlightenment. I walked into this colourful room where everyone is sitting on the floor. I have never felt such a wave of happy, warm energy. Everyone is smiling, welcoming. The lady that was teaching went through 3 beautiful meditations, and then after the hour finished with a speech from a Lama. (Tibeten buddhist teacher) It fills me with happiness to experience this.  Everything in life can be what you want, depending on your view. Nobody can make you more unhappy then yourself. And to finish; here is a little story the Lama told us…representing how westerners (most people in North America) are unable to let go…we are always holding on to things that keep us from evolving.  “to catch a monkey you hollow out a coconut and fill it with fruit, make a hole just big enough for the monkey to put it’s hand in. The monkey reaches in, grabs as much fruit as it can…and then when it tries to take his hand out it can’t. The monkey never thinks to just open his hand and let go of the fruit.”


~ by Amanda B. on November 8, 2010.

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