It`s been a while…

I moved across Canada again, returning to Quebec to work at Altitude Gym, continue learning french and be closer to my boyfriend, Martin Pigeon.

Altitude Gym is a new climbing gym just opening October 2010, in Gatineau, Quebec (5 mins from Ottawa). With 11 owners open to new ideas, a lot of hard work and a different, more business- like approach it seems to be going really well.  It’s the only one of its kind in North America having a regular climbing side as well as a Clip & Climb side designed for groups by the hour. Already they have had numerous competitions and special guests such as Dave Graham and Tonde Katiyo (an international route setter).

 Soon to be opening; an outdoors boulder, slack-line park and well as a work out-yoga room! I am happy to be part of this project! If you’re in the area I strongly suggest checking it out!

Within the past few months I have partaken in a competition route setting clinic with Tonde. It was a great experience where I was able to learn a lot of tricks for setting faster and more interesting, quality routes. Also;  giving me a better perspective for the competitor’s side!

I have competed in the Tour De Bloc eastern series, making the National team again. Yay! Unfortunately, I will not be attending a world cup this year- but on the bright side I am leaving in a week, returning to the British Virgin Gorda to be part of a group opening boulders and completing a guide book!!! J  

The original trip to the BVI was 4 years ago with a small group of climbers. This time it is a much larger group included some of the strongest boulderers in the world…Paul Robinson and Daniel Woods.  I will definitely keep everyone updated on this one!


~ by Amanda B. on May 22, 2011.

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