Virgin Gorda


If you like warm Caribbean breeze and atmosphere, beautiful scenery, a place where you can hear, feel and see waves crashing against rocks and onto the shore, tropical fruit and plants- palm trees, mangos, hibiscus, aloe, limes… giant house sizes boulders in every direction you look, boulder hopping, sandy landings, extreme adventures for hours (be careful it’s really easy to get stuck between boulders or heat stroke here), swimming when you get too hot…plenty of rest day activities, only a 15 minute drive across the island with free boat rides to smaller nearby islands, amazing snorkelling (find live conch shells!), blue-green water, rain that lasts about an hour and rock that dries in about the same, highballs, FA’s, and the majority of blocs V0 to V5.

You can easily find harder if you want…but being a tropical climate you need to squeeze a little harder and accept the constant beads of sweat coming out of every pore. Bikram climbing for sure. V5 feels like V7 here, but the amount of energy you leave with crushes any negative that may have came up.


Being a historical pirate central, i`m surprised no one ever tried to take this island.

Bush tea! Lime & Hibiscus


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A two minute walk from our villa...a few of Guavaberry`s bouldersEndless boulders!

Mid-session cool off

A nice discovery! Hands dont have genders- V4

Troll Hole V3


~ by Amanda B. on August 8, 2011.

One Response to “Virgin Gorda”

  1. Amanda, I’m planning on making a week-long trip in April. What advice could you give on problem guides and where to stay for as cheap as possible? I’m really stoked about the trip, and those pictures are keeping me hyped!
    – Curtis

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