Up at 6am & Ready to CLIMB!


What an insane week; 30 degrees in Squamish & no rain! The season has started and people are psyched. 

It’s been a while since I have written on here…and that probably seems like a common theme, but I am sitting here with my spirilina/ raspberry smoothie at 6 in the morning…and all I can think about is climbing. I can’t even sleep because I am so motivated. So just saying…this blog is back up. I hope I can motivate you too.

A lot has happened lately; The British Virgin Gorda Guide is out; Fixed Pin Publications, Rich Crowder and Jonathan Wassar did an amazing job. Check it out! One of the most beautiful climbing areas in the world. (ooh 🙂 Cover for me)




I plan on going back at the end of the season here in Squamish, to start a climbing community/ tours in the VG. 

I did not compete this year since I worked way too much; but this summer CLIMBING is it. Next year i’ll be back in it 🙂

Going for a run now…here are a few more photos for inspiration!

Photo Credit; Lauren Watson

Photo Credit; Lauren Watson


~ by Amanda B. on May 6, 2013.

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