Amanda Berezowski

Amanda Berezowski jumped into the climbing scene at age 16. Competing as part of Calgary’s junior team and surrounded by some of Canada’s top climbers, it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with both sport climbing and bouldering. Through travelling all over the world to compete and climb in well known hot spots, she realized the extent of her passion for climbing: it would be the center of her life.

Amanda has many other interests such as yoga, surfing,  hiking, and horticulture; however climbing always trumps everything else. She constantly pushes herself towards greater goals, staying positive and motivated through good times and tough times. She’s like a spark of energy, always psyched to check out new areas, try new things, and keep things spicy.

Now living in Nanaimo, B.C., Amanda is one of Canada’s most active climbers, pushing herself in both bouldering and sport projects outdoors and competing at the national and international level. . When we asked her, she said her goals were to keep pushing her limits, always be healthy and motivated, and above all to NEVER LET GO!



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