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Paradise Bouldering- Virgin Gorda

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RIch Crowder, John Glassberg, Jonathan Wasser…& myself. Cool video of this amazingly- beautiful island in the Caribbean full of granite boulders.

Up at 6am & Ready to CLIMB!

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What an insane week; 30 degrees in Squamish & no rain! The season has started and people are psyched. 

It’s been a while since I have written on here…and that probably seems like a common theme, but I am sitting here with my spirilina/ raspberry smoothie at 6 in the morning…and all I can think about is climbing. I can’t even sleep because I am so motivated. So just saying…this blog is back up. I hope I can motivate you too.

A lot has happened lately; The British Virgin Gorda Guide is out; Fixed Pin Publications, Rich Crowder and Jonathan Wassar did an amazing job. Check it out! One of the most beautiful climbing areas in the world. (ooh 🙂 Cover for me)




I plan on going back at the end of the season here in Squamish, to start a climbing community/ tours in the VG. 

I did not compete this year since I worked way too much; but this summer CLIMBING is it. Next year i’ll be back in it 🙂

Going for a run now…here are a few more photos for inspiration!

Photo Credit; Lauren Watson

Photo Credit; Lauren Watson


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A few photos

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The Connection.

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The connection to the new climbing generation is very vibrant now… A door I have opened and a room I have entered, like walking into a giant cave full of light and music. One that doesn’t end.
My god…the new youth climbers are strong 🙂 It makes me so happy to share what I have learned! Passion , motivation and skills.
Working now in Gatineau, Quebec. Altitude gym is evolving… creating a community, as it has only opened just over a year ago. For those who have joined the youth team…they are full of inspiration. Maybe they are not aware of how fast they are improving, but it is really nice to see…compared to just one generation before…they are going to be climbing 5.20 in a couple years! Hehe. I am so happy.
Now. We are standing on the edge of a diving board for the competition season…youth and adult. We are prepared…as a team. And I am working on it as an individual. Just overcoming a tendon injury 🙂 Somehow I made finals at the last comp at Horizon Rock, Montreal. Next one for me is Tour De Bloc, Burlington- Ontario! It has always been one of my favorites. I love top-outs! For the youth, Montreal-Qc, this weekend! Bonne chance pour tout le monde!

Urban Climber

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